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David Verner

11 days ago

PC Tuesday: Travis Boak 2006 Draft Pick Signature

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Travis Boak. Port Adelaide legend.

Whilst the ultimate success has so far eluded him, his illustrious career has seen 3x All-Australian selection, a 6-year run as Port Adelaide captain, and just recently he played his 350th game, becoming the first player to reach that milestone for Port Adelaide in the AFL, & is one of just 24 players total to reach that milestone in the national competition.


For Port fans, it has been his diligent dedication to his body & fitness that has become somewhat lore. He takes an off-season trip to work out in the US every year with specialists that work on both fitness and how to simply take care of your body & how it moves. He has over the past few years taken some of the next generation players under his wing on these trips & every time we have seen them break out for a huge season the next year. True leader.


He also stayed loyal to us when the club was at its lowest ebb, struggling financially as another powerhouse club based near his hometown on the east coast tried to steal him away. But instead of going home, he stayed loyal & helped see us through the pain & into greener pastures. In the modern era, it was an incredible feat that lent himself to even more love from the Port Adelaide faithful.


He debuted in June 2007, in what would be a 31 point win for Port Adelaide. In a very fun personal anecdote, I was at the game because we were celebrating our captain at the time playing his 200th game - I remember being excited that Boak would be debuting, but had no idea I'd be sitting here 17 years later still watching him run out for the club, & still playing at a high level - even if not quite the top level player he was 3-4 years ago. Just this last weekend gone he was one of our best 5 players afield in a close loss to one of the fellow title favourites in 2024.


This card I picked up very early in my dive back into the hobby in 2020 - I have since picked up another, & do intend on getting them graded at some point. Forever PC stuff this!


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