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Mar 9

Hobby Surprises Are FUN.





Big thanks to @EPonMantel for this fun little surprise the other day.
My whole reason for even being a member here is randomly taking the chance to accept an invite to hang on a Zoom call run by Card Talk/Tyler from Card Talk (long live that glorious podcast) back in late Jan/early Feb to talk about this new platform coming - have loved every minute of being here since!
Also won a random giveaway during the call, which turned up the other day. Absolutely loved opening it & seeing this awesome vintage PSA slab. My wife & I are huge movie lovers as well so it was awesome to see something we'd not seen before, & a couple packs of fun wax to rip never is a bad thing. Particularly enjoyed the Mad Magazine pack!

(Mantel hat not a part of the giveaway, just some branding for the background of the image!)

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