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Today and Tomorrow.

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Big game tomorrow in Birmingham, Alabama, honoring the Negro Leagues and the one and only, Mr. Willie Mays. I would like to give a shout out today to Todd Cleveland, a professor at the University of Arkansas, as well as all the players he interviewed and shared their stories in his book - Following the Ball. The book is about the migration of African soccer players in their struggles in 1950 to 1975 from Angola and Mozambique to mainland Portugal during the end of colonization. Great book, I highly recommend it. Regretfully, I have not collected baseball, but would love to share some of my cards from my humble personal card collection of those players in Angola and Mozambique - to honor not only them today, but also all the Negro League players, and any athlete or person who has had to overcome discrimination. One of cards is my only 1952 rookie grail of the great Matateu, as well as his younger brother Vincente, who along with Eusebio, Coluna, and Hilario, later carried Portugal to their best ever World Cup finish of third place in 1966. Hope you will look up their stories. Reminder that tomorrow's game at Rickwood Field starts at 7.15 pm EST and 4.15 pm PST. Let us check in to hear and learn from their stories. Hope to start a chase for my first baseball collectible after watching the game tomorrow.
RIP Mr. Willie Mays.
1. Matateu 1952 rookie card (my 1952 grail card) from Azes Futebollistas collection.
2. Matateu in action for Os Belenenses club team. Insert from 1950's Mundo de Adventura comic.
3. Matateu's younger brother Vincente, who played on 1996 World Cup team. From 57/58 Caramelos JogadoresdaBola collection.

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Even Batman Wears Air Jordan Sneakers!

Link preview image for Not Just Football on Instagram: "Batman wore Jordan’s 👀"

Not Just Football on Instagram: "Batman wore Jordan’s 👀"

211K likes, 1,821 comments - notjustfootball on June 14, 2024: "Batman wore Jordan’s 👀".

Best thing I saw today… Michael Keaton shares that his Batman Boots were made from Air Jordan 6s! And he still has them 🤯

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Mantel Quality Stories: Rick Harrison

For the last 15 years, collectors and TV viewers across the globe have known Rick Harrison as the extremely knowledgable and tough-as-nails proprietor of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop featured on Pawn Stars.

But what TV viewers rarely get to see is Rick's personal collection, and his incredible passion for collectibles and historical objects.

On the latest episode of Mantel Quality Stories, hosted by @Buster, Rick shows off his favorite personal items- some of which we here at Mantel had never seen before, and we're confident will blow you away.

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7 Eleven Slurpee Cups

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Summers here and no better time to revisit a cherished childhood memory. Slurpees! Ahhh
7 Eleven made 2 series of Marvel cups 1975 n 1977.
And one 1973 60 cup DC series
Mainstream n off brand characters had equal clout alongside each other when it came to sugary sweet iced drinks.
An Image Comics line of Slurpee Cups are long over due
Find vintage Marvel, DC n Image Comics n more at the Big Apple Comic Con on 11/23/2024
Or visit for more info

Vintage Marvel 7-11 Cups

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More 1975 7 Eleven Superhero Slurpee Cups
Hulk, Beast, Odin, Captain Marvel even Medusa!
If there was an obscure character you'd never expect to see in mass distribution think again. 7 Eleven kept us all on our toes when it came to collecting these
For cool finds like these and more check out
the Big Apple Comic Con 11/23/2024 or visit