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Apr 10


PC TUESDAY: Josh Carr 2003 Select AFL Destiny Signature

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Some more Aussie Rules content coming at ya for your PC Tuesday - one of my favourite players in my teens and 20's, Port Adelaide's (& Fremantle's for a few years) Josh Carr. Picked this card up as part of my initial run of searching for players I loved when I got back in to the hobby! (Also featuring an unopened case of our special Premiership Beer from 2004 in the background - I had to get my mum to buy it for me since I was 16 at the time!)
An incredibly talented midfielder often tasked with a 'tagging' role, he was an integral part of our 2004 Premiership - kicked the first goal of the game, as well as getting under the skin of the opponents the entire game. Indeed, he was well known as much for his "chirping" as he was his talent, many opponents saying he did not shut up for entire games.
As a Port Adelaide fan, there is many reasons to be proud of his career - however one of his proudest achievements is in the intense 'Showdown' rivalry between Port Adelaide, and our bitter rivals the Adelaide Crows - he never lost. Incredibly, every Showdown he played in was a Port Adelaide win, having a 10-0 record in those games. His final game was a Showdown in 2010, in which he retired after a distinguished 209 game career.
Also, part of Adelaide city folklore as an integral part of the infamous 'Ramsgate' incident - in which Port Adelaide & Adelaide players mingled at one of the pubs on our coastline, & a fight between the teams then began & spilled out onto the streets - apparently his chirping didn't remain confined to the field!
He's had a very good career coaching since, currently an assistant coach at Port Adelaide & widely tipped to be the next senior coach.

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