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Finally got the George Condo's up!

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Earliest Known Marketing Concept Of Nike Display On Sale At Heritage

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A artwork from Nike's earliest display concept (1973) is now on sale at Heritage.

A bit of history during that time - Nike was previously known as Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) and once it ended its partnership with Onitsuka Tiger in 1971, they rebranded with a a new name - Nike. In 1972 they release the Nike Cortez before the Olympics in Munich, and it quickly became a success. In 1973, at the time of the artwork, they started to pick up steam with their endorsement strategy, signing their first track athlete.

This art was created at a time Nike was bubbling up in the sneaker world, which makes it a cool piece. The starting bid is at $10K and we will see in the next 16 days how much it will go for.

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MJ MONDAY: PiggyBanx MJ Heavy is the Head

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We all talk about "Collect What You Love", and this piece embodies that for me. No, it's not a pack pulled, rare, 90s insert (which I do LOVE). And it's not a modern card that is a limited, serial numbered, parallel...

This piece is original artwork by PiggyBanx.

I was lucky enough to meet him back in 2022 at The National in Atlantic city. He had just started posting his artwork to IG and it caught my attention with his mashup of sports and pop culture. The piece that I saw that stood out was his Jumpman-Dalorian. It was the iconic Jumpman logo, but with the Mandolorian instead of the MJ silhouette...pure genius. We chatted for a bit and I ended up purchasing a few pieces from him.

Fast forward a couple years and he and Code are the hottest original card artists going right now.

This piece is part of the "Heavy is the Head" series which features those who are the best at what they do. The "set" includes Kobe, LeBron, Messi, Brady, Stan Lee, and MJ.

The details are amazing as ghosted images of his shoes, him winning titles and more are inside the crown.

I feel extremely fortunate to own this piece, and it's a permeant part of PC that will never move.

If you have not had a chance to check out PiggyBanx, it's worth a couple minutes browsing his IG profile to see all of the incredible art he has created!

Happy MJ Monday!

Texas Painting Saved from Goodwill Sold for $100K at Heritage Auctions

Link preview image for Iconic Texas painting saved from Goodwill fetches over $100,000 at auction

Iconic Texas painting saved from Goodwill fetches over $100,000 at auction

The same family owned the painting for a century, not realizing the artist was a Texas titan.

A Texas painting that was bound for Goodwill from a woman who was clearing her house for a retirement move years ago, sold for $100K at Heritage Auction last week. She got it as a gift from an extended family member on her birth in 1922, and changed her mind last minute before being shipped saying that it was "too pretty to surrender".

Years later, after she passed, the painting was handed down to her family. The family realized the art was an original "the father of Texas painting," by Julian Onderdonk. They then put it on sale at Heritage Auction stating that it will go "to someone who will genuinely appreciate it".  A reminder to look closely at what you have; it might be more valuable than you think.

For more on the story and artist check out the link below:

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