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One of my favorite pieces of sports memorabilia is this signed game-used L.A. Xtreme jersey of Errick “E-Rupt” Herrin from the XFL’s flagship 2001 season. Herrin was a former US Marine and USC linebacker who thought he would erupt in the XFL (and thus the nickname).

He had a huge game in the infamous double-OT showdown against the Chicago Enforcers that pushed back SNL’s start time past midnight. Although he went on to have a productive season, injuries limited his eruption and he didn’t dress for the “Million Dollar Game”.

Being a collector who needs proof that his jerseys were actually game-used - and being a single guy with no kids - I spent a weekend combing through XFL game footage on YouTube in an attempt to photomatch the jersey. Just when I was starting to conclude that the hours spent watching busted plays and dropped passes were a total loss, Herrin could be seen walking in front of a sideline shot of QB Tommy Maddox in the Week 8 telecast against the Las Vegas Outlaws, giving a clear view of the prominent dirt stain on the jersey’s lettering. Eat your heart out, MeiGray.

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