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Zach Nigut

4 days ago

PC TUESDAY: 2013 Innovation Kaboom! Derrick Rose

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In keeping with the Derrick Rose theme for PC Tuesday let’s take a look at the 2013 Innovation Kaboom!

2013 was the first year that Panini introduced the Kaboom! insert as a case hit out of the Innovation product release.  

The front cards featured the now iconic “star burst” foil background and a comic-like illustration of the player.  The back had a more simplistic design with the stand-alone illustration, team logo, and player name.  

The 2013 Kaboom set featured a total of 20 players with other big stars like Kobe, Steph, Lebron and more. 

The Kaboom! inserts were such a hit with collectors that they are still chase cards today.  There are now Kaboom cards for all of the major sports, and they have been placed into different products over the years.   Additionally, the original “comic style” artwork has been modified to be more photo realistic look over the years.  Finally, as with most of their cards, Panini started producing variations with Gold /10 and Green 1/1 available.

Of all the Panini era inserts the Kaboom! cards seem to be one that will stand the test of time. 

This card combines my love of DRose, great artwork, a refractor like finish, and it’s the first of its kind release.  This one is locked in the PC and is on display in my office every day!

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Derrick Rose


PC Tuesday

Sports Cards

11 days ago


PC TUESDAY: 2012 & 2013 Stained Glass Derrick Rose

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Too big, too strong, too fast...too good! The youngest NBA MVP and the most explosive point guard ever. Born and raised in Chicago, DRose created amazing memories on the court, and has provided a major impact to foundations in the city off the court. One of my favorite players ever to wear a Bulls uniform, he might be the biggest "what if" story in NBA history. 


During 2012 & 2013 Panini had just acquired the NBA license and were producing cards that were beautiful and innovative.  These early years of Panini Basketball cards represented a time that Panini wanted to push the envelope and create high quality cards that were creative and captured the heart of the collector.


These two stained glass cards are great examples of this era. These cards came out of a product called Innovation.  This product provided a variety of designs and print techniques to create unique and beautiful set including memorabilia, autos, base, and acetate cards.


2012 Stained Glass cards were one "subset" that featured 100 players, and were inserted one per pack. These cards were printed on an embossed acetate and provided the appearance of classic art stained glass windows. There was a base "magenta" background (pictured in post) as well as a "purple" that was more rare.


In 2013 th 100 card set (75 veterans, 25 rookies) included more parallels and a different background pattern for the veterans and rookies. Parallels include the base green accent, Gold accent (pictured in post), and a teal accent SSP case promo. Collectors have estimated a little over 200 of each player were produced of which there are about 50 golds and only 20 teals.


Today the stained glass inserts live on, but are simply a printed design on the chromium stock.  While they are still highly desired by collectors, they pale in comparison to the original cards. In my opinion, the 2012 & 2013 stained glass cards are some of the most beautiful and innovative cards produced during the Panini era!


The combination of a beautiful card design and one of my all-time favorite Bulls, makes this a pair one that won't leave the PC.

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