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Introducing the National Sports Collectors Convention Event Feed on Mantel!


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Hey Collectors,

We’re thrilled to unveil a special treat just for you! As the National Sports Collectors Convention approaches, Mantel is launching a dedicated event feed to capture all the excitement, action, and unforgettable moments from the convention floor.

What to Expect:
* Exhibitor Highlights: Get a sneak peek at what exhibitors have in store for you! From rare cards to unique collectibles, see what’s available at their booths before you even arrive.
* Attendee Stories: Share your exciting moments and discoveries! Whether you’ve just made a great trade, found a hidden gem, or ripped open an epic pack, let the community celebrate with you.
* Live Updates: Keep up with the buzz and thrills of the event as they happen. Perfect for those who can’t attend in person but still want to be part of the action.
* Special Announcements: Stay informed with breaking news, prize announcements, and giveaways, Mantel meet up. Don’t miss a chance to win and be in the know about the latest happenings.
* Interactive Engagement: Comment, react, and engage with posts. Whether you’re at the event or following along from home, your voice matters.
You can share your stories and posts on the National Sports Collectors Convention feed by simply adding the tag NSCC24 in the Additional Topics section of your post (See the 2nd photo in the post).

Don’t miss out on the excitement! Whether you’re showcasing your booth, sharing your latest purchase, or just soaking in the vibes from home, the National Sports Collectors Convention event feed is your go-to spot for everything happening at the event.

Don’t miss out—be a part of the action and excitement on Mantel!

Happy Collecting,
The Mantel Team

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