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Mar 25

Dream Dual Patch Auto..

Sport, non-sport, pop culture, historical figure.. What two individuals would sign your dream dual patch card?

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Dreams Come True

Dual Patch Auto



I Took The Plunge

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One of my last posts was about the 2023 Topps Finest Julio Rodriguez "Rainbow" I assembled over the summer. I had every card besides the Red, Red Purple Vapor, Red Black Vapor, and the Superfractor. Of course I'd never get any of those...they're hard to find, and far too expensive. Some of you asked me if I'm going to all the trouble of assembling the others, why not make an investment in the entire Rainbow? I, of course scoffed at this assertion. Until I started thinking more about it and the Bilbo Baggins meme.

And then as if it was divine intervention, the very next day I saw it on ebay, the holy grail...the SUPERFRACTOR. I tried to say, it's too expensive, or someone else will buy it. I sat on it for two full days, then I said screw it and contacted the guy. I negotiated a (relatively) fair price, and next thing you know, I was a proud papa. I texted some friends and showed them what I'd done. Instead of chastising me and calling me reckless, they celebrated my moonshot which really took the edge off. So much so that I went on to buy the Red Black Vapor and Pink Purple vapor. The collection is nearly complete...I just need the Red /5. If you see one outside of ebay, please let me know!!

I'll do another post once they're all PSA authenticated and framed with the others. ebay verified them, but I'm way too OCD to not have them all match with the PSA slab look.

So what's the point of all this? Don't ever let anyone tell you not to reach for that distant star...it can be yours! Now I just have to hope my wife never realizes how many more days we now have to work to reach our retirement goals.

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