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Zach Nigut

11 days ago

March Trading Card Trends Looking Positive 📈

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Was interesting to see that a couple recent reports show some very positive upward trends for card collector in March 2024.

GRADING REPORT: Per GemRate “overall grading activity set a new all-time high with over 1.7 Million cards graded on March…Total output was up 8% in March compared to February (and up 13% YoY)”

SALES VOLUME: Per CardLadder the Monthly Online Sales Volume over the past 12 months, shows March 2024 as the 12-month high at $224 Million. Additionally, the first three months of 2024 have all posted at least $200M in sales volume.

THOUGHTS: With show activity at seemingly all-time highs, record sales, and record grading volume is this just the start of an upward climb? Or is this just a sign of early year optimism and the market will see a downward trend with warmer weather and a looming election in the Fall?

Let’s hear your thoughts and predictions…

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a month ago

Watch Market 2023 Data

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This is from a post on LinkedIn by Altan Insights (3/5/24).

Crazy to see the market dominance by Rolex...

👑 With a record-breaking 2023, Rolex now controls 30% of the luxury market. The acclaimed Swiss brand surpassed $10 billion in sales for the first time in the company's 118-year history.

⌚ The "Big 5" of the watch world, Rolex, Cartier, Omega, AP, and Patek, now command more than 55% of the luxury market.

📈 Rolex produced 1.3 million timepieces in 2023 as sales increased by 11% over 2022.

--- Do you think the massive increase in production of Rolex watches will hurt values? Or there is simply such high demand that it won't matter and they will keep selling at a record pace?


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