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Stephen Ko

18 days ago


[TipJar] New and Improved Giveaway






I've tried two so far since joining Mantel a few months ago. My primary goal in doing this is twofold:

1) I love to share stuff from my collection, it brings me joy

2) I am interested in learning how to drive user actions.

For this TipJar, I want to share something from my F1 collection and see if I can get more entries as my primary objective. To get an entry, just reply and share what your favorite things to collect and share an image of it as a reply. I will run this for just over a week and half and end it on Saturday the 13th @ 6pm PST.

Like last time, one unique entry and I will use and top name gets this 2023 Topps Dynasty F1 card of Lance Stroll auto triple relic /10

One variation, if others want to add to the TipJar, let me know and I can add it to the giveaway where I will do for each item in the TipJar

I picked this card because I LOVE F1 and I loved the recent posts asking about favorite patches, favorite autos, and low serial numbered cards.

Thanks for reading!

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