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Can you believe it's been 30 years since Topps reintroduced the iconic Mars Attacks set?

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1994 Topps Mars Attacks Archives

Detailing and Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the 1994 Topps Mars Attacks Archives set

When Topps released the original set of Mars Attacks back in 1962, no one could have foreseen how popular or iconic it would soon become. They were irreverent, brash, colorful, and grotesque, painting a pulp sci-fi invasion of Earth by a brutal and terrifying Martian army.



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New Micro-Obsession: BradyGames & Prima Video Game Strategy Guides

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Physical strategy guides were once fixtures at bookstores and on newsstands. Then, the Internet—and in particular, websites like GameFAQs and later, YouTube—changed everything. Though I understand the convenience of the web, I've recently gone down a new rabbit hole of collecting old BradyGames and Prima strategy guides. Those two were the powerhouses of the form, and I find them far more readable and easy to reference than today's main go-tos when recently heading back into the 64-bit world of Turok.

Also, there's a reason speedrunners and other gaming communities are still obsessed with games on systems like N64: They are very, very rich texts to explore, even if contemporary games have gotten far more enormous. And sometimes, you'll find tips and tricks in these physical guides that never made it onto the Internet.

All that to say: This is my new thing, I guess. And as expected, there's a robust community out there of folks who also collect these things, and I'm learning a ton from them.

One more note: There are still a couple of publishers releasing gorgeous, expansive physical guides for new games. (I'd suggest Piggyback, if you're into the Zelda franchise.)

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Did you know George Benson was the originator of Collabs?

Hobby Hustle Episode 2 Live

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First off, happy 4th of July! I hope you enjoy a day off to celebrate with friends and Family.

If your looking for some entertainment over the weekend, check out my latest episode of Hobby Hustle with The Great Curator (expert of Pop culture, toys, comics, and more)

We dive deep to learn about:
• His collecting origins
• Building your brand and own community
• Thoughts on hobby content and how he has evolved his approach
• Being a brand ambassador …and much more!

Dan shares his unique experiences and valuable insights, making this a must-watch for collectors and enthusiasts alike!




Would love your thoughts and feedback!

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