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Duo Arrested For Selling Over $2M+ In Cards w/ Fraudulent Grades

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Duo Accused of Selling Sports, Pokémon Cards with Fraudulent Grades That Netted Over $2 Million

Two men from the state of Washington are facing wire fraud charges after federal prosecutors say they hoodwinked buyers who thought they were high-grade examples of popular rookie cards.

Big story today in Washington State. A duo was caught inflating the price of regular cards w/ fake PSA 10 grades. For example, they sold a Jordan 1986 Fleer rookie card for $171,000 online in May 2022, claiming it was in gem mint condition. In actuality it was a lower graded card placed in a case w/ a fake label claiming it was in gem mint condition!

Be careful out there!


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MJ Autos Lost in Underwear Packages

A post was shared on Mantel last week about packs of Michael Jordan cards included in packages of Hanes underwear back in 2019. Hanes slipped 10 autos into the packs but to this day, not a single one has surfaced.

We teamed up with @Javacards824 on IG to help tell the story, and he even tracked down a package of underwear to see if he could snag an elusive auto.

Give it a watch and let us know what you think? Anybody else going on ebay to buy some old underwear!?


OP here: https://www.onmantel.com/post/7be1039b-70a2-460e-a058-5690e22c4e31


MJ MONDAY: 1993 Fleer Ultra Power in The Key

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This card brings me back to my childhood and ripping open gold and silver packs at our Local Card Shop!
1993 Ultra Power in the Key was a 9-card insert set. It featured the NBA’s top power players in the league, and was randomly inserted at a rate of 37 packs (1:333 player pack odds).
What this set lacks in tough pack odds, it made up for in looks. This was the first insert set that I saw (along with Scoring Kings) that showed the card companies were willing to push the boundaries with design and print techniques!
The front features color player action shots that are surrounded by vibrant, foil etched court illustrations. Each color/section of the background not only features unique colors, but also foil patterns. The player’s name, set name, and Fleer Ultra logo are stamped with gold foil.
From a design standpoint, this back is unique as it uses a horizontal layout (not vertical) which features the court design from the front (nonmetallic) and a color player action shot. The player’s name and a brief narrative about the skills and power of each player are provided in a ghosted white box. The finishing touch is The Power in the Key set name stamped with gold foil.
Looking at the PSA grading report, the Michael Jordan 1993 Ultra Power In The Key PSA 9 has a pop of 243 (46 higher). Currently the last sales of this card are in the $650 - $700 range.
So, if you are looking for a mid-level MJ that screams early 90s design and creativity be sure to check out the 1993 Fleer Ultra Power in The Key set!
Happy MJ Monday!