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Mar 27

Observation: Are people trading more than buying?

I have no data to back this up but I have a thesis that since everyone went all-in on collecting over the last 3+ years that we’ve (myself included) amassed a ton of cards that we don’t PC that we’re trying to move…in bulk?…and the quickest way to do so is to trade: 5 cards out (that you don’t PC) for one card (that you do).

Thus: trades have gone up up up.

Has anyone noticed trades are going UP in the hobby? Don’t get me wrong, I love trading - a lot. But I feel like more and more I’m getting messages for stuff I have for sale asking if I’ll accept trades instead.

Is it happening more and more? Just an observation, curious if anyone else is seeing it as well…

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Trade: J-Rod for Javonte

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Since we’re posting trades, here’s a quick one I pulled off yesterday.

Received: Julio Rodriguez Topps 2023 Logofractor (Arena 10)

Sent: Javonte Williams Panini Chronicles Rookie Auto (PSA 10)

My thoughts: I PC-ish J-Rod and think he’s a generational talent. I love the Logofractor limited edition too. It’s not a rookie - I know the hobby is hot on rookies! But I do like the Rookie Cup cards, personally. On the flip side, I don’t collect Javonte - but I know people love rookie autos and also the PSA lure vs. Arena grade often tips the scales a bit.

But, in the end - he like his card, I like my card. Hooray for trades.

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Is there a “grade the trade” app?

I’m trying to do more trades - and admittedly am lazy enough that combing through eBay comps manually is getting a little, well, tiresome. Is there anything that exists that takes into account comps and lets you input a group of cards to see if the trade is ”fair”?

Also: feel free to just be like “hey don’t be so lazy.”

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